Jensen - Phil, Hayden, Raj

Jensen are a three piece band hailing from the Westcountry, who bring together a wealth of experience having collectively been in many and varied bands over the years.

Their music is dynamic from the very quiet to the monstrously loud, pushing the boundaries of tempo from ultra fast to super slow, but most importantly all the songs are strong with good melodies, memorable lyrics and catchy hook lines all bound up with energy, ready to burst into your brain and take over.

Currently issued as a limited edition white label is the Jensen CD EP, Horsepool Street, recorded recently by the band and featuring the tracks Twin Souls, Planet, Seed, Guide and Great Water. The band are currently in the studio finishing the album Jawbone Of Sound. Release is scheduled for November `99.

The three guys at the centre of it all enjoy a pretty good pedigree in terms of outfits over the years and combine their experience well to complement each other's individual tastes and styles.

Ex-singer/guitarist/song writer with Strange Red Earth this man is along with the other members totally dedicated to original music in its creation and performance. This is true to the extent that Raj has customised his own guitar to have 10 strings, not the traditional six or twelve and invented his own unique tuning to go with it.

Playing or singing his style is very much his own and Jensen as a lean and hungry three piece is the perfect home for it.

Ex-singer/guitarist/songwriter with The Morrisons who scored a minor indie hit with their self-produced debut release Listen to Your Heart which received several spins from Radio One's John Peel, and their follow-up EP, Storm, which was released on Brighton's Playroom Discs label.

Phil's switch from guitar to bass in Jensen seemed a logical one as Raj's playing covers the ground of several guitarists all in one!

The man at the back has been around the scene for years providing stick work for bands such as October and Almost Naked.

His role in Jensen is one of vital importance in respect of their driving energy and he and Phil have struck up a great understanding to bring bite and shape to their songs.

smallpeaker Click here to download a 30 second sample of "Planet" from the CD EP "Horsepool Street" (200kb).
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